Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hot News: PHP and MySQL coming to S60!

Johan Wikman (father of the original Apache port for S60) writes:
I can now reveal that we at the CCNC conference in Las Vegas in January, 2008 will demonstrate and release what we call the PAMP stack.

PAMP stands for Personal Apache, MySQL, PHP, so yes, the full LAMP stack will be made available for S60 smart phones. In addition, there will be PHP extension modules that provide access to the core functionality of the phone. And on top of PAMP you can basically install any LAMP based content management system. For instance, Drupal can be installed off the shelf.
Yes, a fair amount of memory is needed and it's still pretty experimental stuff, but it runs quite nicely on E90.


Anonymous said...

I think this could be great for a lot of people.
You can't have a LAMP installed in any portable device (except N800/N810), and there are millions of programmers using this platform to build the web.

PAMP could be evolution for the mobile web, allowing mobile web apps not seen before. You are not just connected, you are reachable, dynamic and with a database (who can stop you?).

After PAMP, I just need wireless virtual-screen glasses connected to my S60, to feel we are already living in the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

Very cool!
But I guess it depends on what S60 and nokia want to do with it. Will I be able to create widgets (widsets) using php that are not confined to the browser?

Raj said...

If the Mobile Web Server is used of wide scope, lots of new viruses will be made, then the mobile network will become a dangerous world, just like the internet at the present time.

Anonymous said...

I don't see this as a cool thing and the main point was already mentioned: memory. Since the current devices don't have enough memory to run even a couple of applications simultaenously, this will hinder the usability even further.

Another thing is why anyone would want to run MySQL on their phone, e.g. SQLite would be a lot better. But people do the strangest things and I'm too stupid to understand them :P