Saturday, November 24, 2007

About Web-Mantra.. went live on the 25th of Nov 2007. The domain has been using is registered 2 months prior to that by someone who wasn’t doing anything with it. We emailed the previous owner at the end of Oct 2007 to see if we could buy the domain because we figured we could have some fun with it and boy were we right! We love every post that’s written, every comment that been left behind by our fabulous readers and every minute we spent on the blog! Initially the price tag for just the domain is free .we were still not sure if we wanted to spent so much effort on just a making it upto date for our will hope earn at least $1000 in this month!

We’re taking things as they come and day by day. There’s little to no planning involved in the blog since we’re what you call impulsive bloggers. We don’t claim to be experts in SEO, PPC, eCPM and more of those fancy acronyms but we’re learning how to make money online and we do consider ourselves to have a healthy amount of common sense. Maybe you’d disagree with that statement after we tell you that we’ve declined serious offers from people to buy our little blog for $10,000! That would buy the new 17″ macbook Pro we crave and it would help us to say bye-bye to the credit-card bills. We’re passionate about all that is and we hope we can keep things going for as long as possible. Thanks for reading us and we hope you’ll stick around because we love to serve you your daily fresh milk!

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